Monday, October 03, 2005

Too Tolerant? Too Many!

Kyle Gann has recently posed an excellent question (I adore his writing, musically and literally - in the word sense) on (in?) his blog,
"I suggested that maybe the reason composers our age hadn’t gotten enough attention was that we showed too much respect for our elders, and hadn’t presented ourselves as individuals worthy of attention ourselves."

I have a dorky but simple answer: There are so many more composers these days.
I mean from all sorts of views, it's really hard to keep up. And modern music is my passion. The wetter the ink, or newer the piece, I want to hear it.
But keeping up with all of the works and people is incredibly hard to do so. And its also harder for composers to make a "splash," in the media, with publishers (or getting their self published works out), and in general.
There are so many composers and do you spend time getting your masterpiece out there or write another?

So many composers, so little time!

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