Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dave's vino vlog 2

More from David Mollenauer:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More vino

The second vino vlog entry, this time by Stephanie Key!

Monday, May 24, 2010


A new feature, David Mollenauer discussing wine!

From a recent Argentine dinner at the Mollenauers!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

More prep

So I am very excited about going to China next month. I'm covering the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio (YOSA) tour and it is a delightful 12 days. This week there is a meeting for the tour group and next month a series of rehearsals and concerts. Last fall I taped a short segment of rehearsal and since have been doing paper work, etc for it.
As the final stretch gets closer, I'll do some more interviews, and music research. I've also set up for my uncle to stay with my parents while I am gone (and through my time at West Branch International Music Festival & Institute as well).
Yesterday I had time to look at some luggage, and after the meeting make a final decision about what I will take, etc.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

CT Live

Jennifer Higdon was the focus of the very first Composing Thoughts LIVE. It was nice to sit down with her for a few minutes and talk with her about music, the Pulitzer Prize, eighth blackbird and so much more. (Photo by Xi Wang)

Keep an eye out for our HD video on the CT website,

Old friends

I first spoke with Jennifer Higdon while in Las Vegas working for KCNV. Later we actually met in Philadelphia when I worked at WITF. Now at KPAC, we caught up in Dallas.
(photo by Xi Wang)

Dallas visit

I had a great time last night in Dallas, hearing a new work by Jennifer Higdon with Hilary Hahn.
I had a chance to catch up with Jennifer, a dear friend: here we are at the Meyerson Symphony Hall beforehand speaking for an episode of Composing Thoughts. (picture by Xi Wang)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creme brulee anyone?

A friend was impressed with my new lighter (seen left).

It is a joy to light up cigars with, and I will have to now make some dessert too! :)


Lots of things go into work, including research, communication, I prepare to document a concert or event, I make sure cameras are ready, know what the program will, etc.
I'm looking forward to two big projects this summer and the prep work started last November! YOSA will tour in China next month and I will go along for Texas Public Radio and cover their journey. It's going to be fun to see sights, experience new things and share with others what is happening with a local youth arts group on an international tour! (I'll also get to see a talented & gorgeous composer friend from Dallas who will be visiting her family in China at the same time!)
In July, I'll be at the West Branch International Music Festival & Academy in upstate New York. The prep work for this started in February and included a great trip to Copenhagen in March. Just recently I was in New York and did more interviews and filming (watch for some updates soon!) on location.
Basically I'm amazed at the length of time to craft some things - and yet have always realized that you should not rush into anything. Quality takes time.
I'm also reminded relationships are this way too, like a project, that take time. You can't rush into something.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Beethoven Brakes and Beauty

Gosh, I let April slip by without an entry here - but what an April, turning 40. Although I did lots of blogging for KPAC and Composing Thoughts - check them out if you don't already!
Today I rehearse Beethoven 7th & Emperor Concerto with Mid Texas Symphony (I play 2nd violin) and then play a concert with UIW Orchestra (where I play very HIGH 1st violin) - Barber, Poulenc & Copland, a very nice program also. I just finished changing the passenger side brake pads and rotor on my Saturn. (the brake part of the title).
It took about 15 minutes this morning, once I was awake with coffee and cigar in hand, to do the brakes. While my dad and I don't see eye to eye on politics these days, when it comes to automotive work, we click. His dad was a mechanic, and my dad passed along all of his knowledge to us boys. When it comes to cars, my dad is aces. So with the past few days having lots of stress and health concerns, this morning was very enjoyable for my dad. In fact, I bet his blood pressure went down!
Last night I heard the San Antonio Symphony in a delightful program of Turina, Piazzolla and Rachmaninoff with a friend. She is young, gorgeous and fun. We've spent the last few days getting to know each other even more and it's exciting. (The beauty part of the title.) We really enjoyed the symphony program - with wonderful dynamic and tempo changes, the orchestra turned on a dime in Rachmaninoff's Third Symphony! I joked that I didn't know if Sergei (the composer) or Josep (the conductor) was more schizophrenic, with tenmpo changes that sped up and slowed down, giving romantic Hollywood sound and excitement.
Ertan Torgul was the soloist in the Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, and was stellar. He's the acting concertmaster of the SA Symphony, and a good friend. We joined him and the conductor with a few friends afterwards (they had dinner, we had dessert) for even more fun at Oloroso. I had mentioned to my date that we were invited to hang afterwards with the conductor and soloist, and later said, great, how am I going to top this?! (I'll manage, hehehe, I'm sure, I seemingly have great luck!) [pictured are Ertan Torgul and his wife Kim]
So now, I need to go warm up and practice both Beethoven and the UIW program. I'll carpool with another violinist (who is a great composer/preformer) who is doing both gigs.
But I plan to keep this up more often with updates - there is a trip Monday to NYC and West Branch Fishing lodge for AMC and WBIMF.