Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hungry plump man?

If you have met me or seen a picture of me, you can't miss I'm overweight. (Isn't it wonderful that wearing a suit can make a fat man look good?)
Yes, I enjoy food, passionately. I usually spend an hour in the evening with Rachael Ray, learning new recipes and sighing heavily as I watch that wonderful sweet and energetic chef on the Food Network.
Yet I hunger for more than just food. My appetite for new music is perhaps larger than my tummy. (hard to believe I know!) And not unlike food, I have a wide taste for music...I do have my favorites, I could talk your ear off about Sir Andrzej Panufnik - make your eyes glaze over with Penderecki references - and bankrupt you with text messages of Lutoslawski. Don't even get me started about Walter Mays, a dear friend and amazing composer, I wouldn't shut up for hours.
Minimalism? You bet!
Aleatory? Yummy!
Post modern sounds? Serve it up!
And just like my occasional fast food meal, I'll even delve into a Howard Jones or other pop tune. (hey! I grew up in the 80s! Who can't hum the axel f theme?)
But I do want quality. Always. In food, let's see that grade a beef.
And I'm always listening for form, interpretation, creativity, etc. High Quality in my High Fidelity.
I've had hard lessons in relationships, listening, career...We all do. Learning lessons from them is so important. One of mine is quality. (moderation however has not been one learned yet!)
So you'll usually see me with the most beautiful woman, eating the most tasty treat, smoking the great cigar. Why not? Life is short...Quality not quantity of life.
I'm hungry, for excellence. Pretty much in whatever I do.

And why pray tell, am I blogging about this?
I've receiving the Deems Taylor Award from ASCAP this year for a radio show I thought of, created, produced, was me, with my favorite composers. Please don't take that as arrogance or boasting. I actually wish I had a staff for 20/20 Hearing, and could sit back and spend even more time with each of those episodes. (there were 26 weekly episodes each season, that repeated - making 52 weeks in the year - and a total of 2 seasons for 52 shows - 104 hours of music & interviews.)
I'm still hungry for new music and have some new concepts for shows. There will be some changes...but it feels good to know folks appreciate it. (I've often joked about my favorite sound - applause!)

I've been contacting the composers involved over the 2 seasons of 20/20 Hearing - to say thanks, the message tells about the award, but starts with "Thank you! Great composers make for great shows!"

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