Thursday, October 06, 2005

Great comeback

Stars came back. Wow. Heck of an evening of hockey last night. Poor Pens and Flyers. Not a great start, Pens didn't seem to have the stream to keep up with the Devils and the Flyers blew a big lead, doh.
I am glad to have Hockey back. I have no idea what this is going to do to my schedule, I'm ordering the game package...maybe I'll practice violin while watching the games, or get a laptop to do work with downstairs. I could break down and get a digital video recorder, but that doesn't help the whole time thing.
In fact, I've bought some dvds recently and have so many to get through, plus some new cds I'm dying to listen to without distractions that I'm way behind. And things are only getting busier!
Ah, life's rich pageant. (or LRP as my friend Cindy would say.)

Two huge things this week are settling in: a close friend's wife had their first child - I'm so pumped! and a violinist in Las Vegas took her own life - tragic. I've been mellow about both while thinking about the two internally. buh. snuh.

Lots more on many fronts, I'll report later. (A small preview - the Bartok CDS - like I need more to listen to! from last year's LVCMS concert with the Colorado Quartet are finished and mailed out - I've already heard from one P&T fan who I met that weekend about how much she likes it. Teller is such a brilliant sweet human.)

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