Monday, October 03, 2005


I'm so taken with Molly Sheridan's writing and ideas.
For example:
"Geeky boys might fantasize about building a robotic prom date, but now composers who can't get no satisfaction from an ensemble might go the same route. See Kurt Coble's Partially Artificial Musicians."
(how did she knw about prom?! hmm, more thought should go into that perfect violinist I've been dreaming of building...FrankenMutter? HilaryHorror? LeilaJoseozombie?)
"Clearly, some creativity is needed, and quickly. Sure, we're a minority up against stereotypes, so maybe we need to gather a group of composers and performers and start cultural dialogue on par with this Swedish library. Who better to make the case than us? There's no time to waste, unless you're perfectly comfortable leaving your neighbors alone in their houses with nothing but endless recasts of Law & Order and CSI lighting their faces."

Check out NewMusicBox dot org - you'll be glad you did.

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