Sunday, October 23, 2005

Catching up

Slowly but surely the dusting is settling, and I not only have time to blog but some other things!
I'm currently reading two books, Indivisible by Four - Arnold Steinhart's charming book about the Guarneri Quartet; and James Pegolotti's fascinating Deems Taylor: A Biography. Three guesses why I'm reading the second...
I also have been polishing Massenet's Thais Meditation, Gershwin's Summertime, and scales/arpeggios. Great to get in shape...I've actually unpacked some more music, and getting my violin studio room in shape. I will be getting a new (to me) couch and love seat soon.
I listened to Emma Johnson's new Mozart disc (had to get it in England, not released for some STUPID reason in the states...) and it is up to her normal AMAZING standards. It's like an old high school friend and I would say, I'd listen to her play Come to Jesus in whole notes.
Also had a chance to sit down and listen to some more of Roxanna Panufnik's music, the disc Angels Sing. I've been familiar with some of her music, but this really "struck a chord" so to speak. And it was a cool rainy day, perhaps a small factor of why it just sounded perfect to me. Her father's music is among the most cherished I have ever heard, but I have to say Roxanna has not fallen far from the tree so to speak.
I went to the Lion's Club pancake feed yesterday morning, and then shopping in downtown. Picked up a great violin cloth (it's a great big scarf with leopard print!) and some Central PA meats! Scrapel, sweet and regular Lebanon Bologna are now awaiting for me to cook, make sandwiches, et al.
So I grilled some burgers and chicken, having remembered to buy some charcoal lighter fluid...and I read Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine that just arrived in the mail.
It's wonderful, if a bit clunky in its design. The best thing is a pullout section with 7 recipes for the week, and get this, a shopping list to take to the grocery store. "Yum-o!" Of course there are a ton more recipes (with pictures!) in it, I'm just pleased as punch with that idea of having a handy guide with the list, recipes, etc. Here is the companion website,
So there you have it, for this weekend anyway.

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James Pegolotti said...

I happened across your blog and the fact that you are reading my biography of Deems Taylor. Very pleased to know you are. Thought you might not know that Taylor's only daughter, well described in the book, passed away three weeks ago. Without her help, the book would never have been written.
Please let me know your final feelings about the book when you have finished reading it.
Best wishes,
Jim Pegolotti