Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Old friend

I spent time with an old friend last night. It had been a few months since we had seen each other. It was great to hear her voice. There were some health problems so she couldn't come out with me from Las Vegas. Everything is taken care of now, and she's at home. First we went out on the back porch and made some noise, I think the neighbors might have been annoyed, but after a quick dinner, I think was when they would have been upset with us.
I am, of course, talking about my violin.
: )
I was a bit pensive all day yesterday waiting for the UPS shipment to arrive. When it did, the box looked like crap. I was so worried! I knew my friend (always be good to string repair folks and accompanists, ALWAYS!) had done a good job fixing the crack and had made it safe to travel from Las Vegas to Harrisburg, but the receptionist said "oh yeah, they just DROPPED it there."
It's fine. Better than fine. Sounds lovely. Now I need to get to work on it.
I played through some Tchaikovsky, Panufnik, Massenet, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff (gosh I love to flirt with the vocalise!) and then ate a quick bite.
I pulled out some new music I bought over the summer, the Lark Ascending and the Red Violin Caprices. I hope Vaughan-Williams will forgive me. I love it, but I need practice.
So some arpeggios and scales kept me company the rest of the evening, g major, minor and d major/minor...didn't do any bowing exercises, just notes. The right hand will warm up later - never been a problem, I'm concerned about getting my left hand better. I did pull out a David Diamond piece that I will play soon. Learned it years back and while unpacking ran across the Canticle again. Charming sweet piece that should be played more often!
So, here's to old friends.

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