Saturday, October 01, 2005

Breakfast & the Arts (not the A&E show)

What a wonderful Saturday morning. As I didn't hit the sack until about 3 this morning, I slept in. Ahead, I have planned some yard work, got to mow the backyard, the squirrels are making tunnels in the grass, hahahaha. Not really, but it so nice outside, I really will get to it.
There's a chipmunk out on the front porch, I usually see him out back along the rock wall but today he's out front, unless there's more of them than I think, which there probably are! Short and cute.
So I made a honkin' full pot of coffee, put some biscuits in the oven and have the mixings for an omelette prepared. Food and caffeine after a night of wine, cigars and great music is just the right thing.
Yes, last night Ernesto Tamayo (the Cuban Guitarist) played at the Fulton Opera Theater (what a gorgeous place!) and I emcee'd the event. It was one of the great shows I've seen - less formal that a recital, but nothing less than amazing in music taste or technique. The guy always impresses me, with a cool, charming demeanor and playing like a monster - and a way that makes it looks easy. Do catch him in concert if you get a chance, or pick up his new cd. Mondo music and charm all in one.
So we went out afterwards, and drank - smoked cigars - ate, celebrated a friend's birthday and my Deems Taylor Award from ASCAP.
Yes, I'm burying the lead because 1) it's still hard to believe I got the call yesterday and 2) I'm going to mention it in the future - the letter from them will arrive this week.
I received a call yesterday from Jim Steinblatt at the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers. He passed along the groovy cool news, I have won the
2005 ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for my show 20/20 Hearing™.

The Deems Taylor Awards program recognizes books, articles, broadcasts and websites on the subject of music, selected for their excellence. I’ll receive the award at a ceremony at Lincoln Center in December.

The show's website is here: 20/20 Hearing dot org/

20/20 Hearing™ was a two hour radio show celebrating Contemporary Classical Music.
Each week, we explored a composer, a style or contemporary performers.
Host John Clare talked with the most up-to-date musicians, discussed the most recent work of composers, and perhaps in the scope of an episode, “broadens your hearing, and maybe your musical horizon!”

Since debuting in October 2003, 20/20 Hearing™ has featured music and interviews with 15 Pulitzer Prize winning composers, 13 composers of The American Academy of Arts and Letters (plus two Foreign Honorary Members), and 10 complete episodes featuring Women Composers (plus partial shows of two additional Women Composers).

20/20 Hearing™ won the 2004 Electronic Media Award for Best Radio Show in the Las Vegas Market, and is again a finalist for Best Radio Show in this year's awards,
to be announced on October 21st, 2005.

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