Thursday, September 01, 2005

Enriching lives

Just got out of an all company meeting. While there was typical job stuff, it started with talk about Katrina and what we can do about it, as well as our responsibility as broadcasters.
Earlier today I talked with a coworker about the onair sound, how not to sound - and how much to be geniune without being overtly somber.

Anyway, back to the meeting, there was a re-showing of the video from our groundbreaking - a sort of history of WITF/gearing up for the new facility, that preceded a fairly brief computer IT presentation, and service awards - wonderful to see people with 5 years of service recognized and one 20 year service for an employee. On that topic, not recognized today, the most senior guy, Mike, is a great person and real gentleman, over 40 years at WITF. He's given me many pointers on travel and events - and we've talked Las Vegas.
Oh! And back to Saturday, above and to the right is a shot of myself with Ellen Hughes, (another real gem at WITF) while we were onair in York for Yorkfest.
I'm glad to be at WITF...Engaging Minds. Enriching Lives. Uniquely.

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