Saturday, September 03, 2005


Well today was about as much of a holiday I get this weekend. And that's ok. I'm still amazed I get paid to program, listen to, and occasionally show up to classical music concerts, as the case is tomorrow. Of course, there is work involved don't get me wrong.
But back to today, a lovely day, got some shopping done (food for two more Rachael Ray recipes - one with artichoke hearts!), watered plants outside and did a little more unpacking. I grilled (and ate two) several burgers, - and put some in the fridge for lunches this week. Oh and did some posters for the LVCMS. I'll update the website for them soon-ish.
Tomorrow I'll do some more chores, but definitely sleep in, make a yummy breakfast - an omelet, biscuits and maybe pancakes. Hey it's Sunday. I may even make mass. We'll see. Then the Gretna Music concert. It's their 30th anniversary and Mozart, Beethoven and Sgambati are on tap. Then work Monday. :)
Been listening to Howard Jones and Poe this evening...part of the unpacking, found my 80s and 90s cds...Howard Jones, holy cow. Great memories of a high school girl friend there. And Poe. OMG, if I had a nickel I listened to that cd. Angry Johnny indeed. hehe.
Alright. Gonna go set up the coffee maker for the morning. 'Night!

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