Thursday, September 29, 2005

Get to the Guitar

Reading this blog, I'm sure you understand the importance I place on classical music and on live performance. If not, let me be "clare", I mean clear about it - GO SEE LIVE CLASSICAL MUSIC. SUPPORT THE ARTS, BUY A TICKET TO A CONCERT AND TAKE A FRIEND!

Now that is out of my system, allow me to recommend a few happenings.

Ernesto Tamayo, the Cuban guitarist, is playing tomorrow evening in Lancaster, PA at the Fulton Opera House. It will be exquisite, I promise. It's also the release of his new CD, the Cuban Guitarist, with music by Bach, Tarrega, Rodriguez, and Ernesto himself.
I caught Ernesto's Carnegie Hall debut a few years back, it was sold out, and that same weekend I proposed to my girlfriend in NYC. Well, at least I'll always enjoy Ernesto's playing and have that memory! (My fiancee and I did not get married. (Not really a blog topic!)
A bit about Ernesto, yes, he is from Cuba and came to the states - studying with Manuel Barreuco - the guy famous for playing in the Lexus commercials - when I interviewed Manuel for the Wichita Symphony years ago, I asked him if he was also driving, which got a laugh!
Ernesto and I talked about his latest album, which will appear in a European Guitar magazine, as well as an audio file on my website, ClassicallyHip dot com.
Go see Ernesto Friday if you can, tickets are affordable and it will be fun. Come up and introduce yourself to me. And to Ernesto, he loves to meet folks!
There's more on his website, The Cuban Guitarist dot com.

Also this weekend is another artist I interviewed around her debut...Leila Josefowicz. She plays Sunday afternoon at Market Square concerts, in the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg. Lately Leila has been championing contemporary composers, which is not only awesome, its an artistic necessity these days. If you haven't heard her John Adams' album, run out and get it on Nonesuch. Adams speaks very highly of her.
Her program will have everything from Beethoven and Ravel to a new work by Esa-Pekka Salonen. It's basically her latest cd out on the Warner Brothers label (another charming 2 disc set!) You could purchase the disc and then go see her, and get it autographed!
Leila has a great site (just google it or type in her name with dot com!) to learn more.
That concert is Sunday afternoon, October 2nd at 4pm. I'll be there after I fill in at WITF that morning/day. Again, say hi if you go, and take my suggestion!

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