Saturday, September 24, 2005

Spot on

I saw Concertante last evening at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg.
It was certainly one of the great concerts I've heard.

Lou Harrison's String Trio kicked things off, a short work from the 60s, and while it was interesting, it was too short (which I shared in the discussion afterwards they had with the audience.)
Next was Frank Bridge's String Sextet. I hadn't heard this piece, and was glad I was introduced to it. A stellar performance of a well crafted and charming work. I need to explore more Bridge.
After intermission, Brahms' Opus 18, the First String Sextet, made the night perfect. I am a sucker for the 2nd movement, dark and yet brilliant variations, extremely well played.
I probably could have heard the scherzo as an encore instead of the concert "discussion" afterwards. Or perhaps talk in between works (the evening started with Rachel Shapiro talking on and on about the Harrison, it could have been much more the discussion afterwards.) Maybe that is part of the broadcaster in me, get to the point and make it compelling.
Another point of focus should be marketing. The attendance with maybe 50 folks in the theater, especially for the high quality of music making, is sad.
Don't get me wrong, Concertante made some of the best music I know, with stellar interpretations, fabulous phrasing, and the right amount of excitement.
I'll be at their other performances here in Harrisburg, and tell friends in NYC to catch them if they can!

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