Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Amazing events.
Sad. Tragic.
Hard to "keep up appearances" with the aftermath of the hurricane, even though it is faraway. Really part of my job is to sound like a happy normal friend to listeners, be their guide to classical music - and usually that is no problem for me - I'm a typically happy guy (on the outside) :) and sound that way even when I'm not personally happy (not seen very often on this blog anyway.)
Now that is not to say I'd make light of this situation or any other - I can't stand swarmy, empty-headedness.
Luckily NPR and WITF aren't that way.
Oddly enough, recent studies show that classical music is often used as an escape of the everyday life - and that has truly been my case, not really an escape, I didn't the extent of the damages of Katrina - nor does anyone fully yet. However Classical music has that power to overcome the gloom and the immediate sorrow. In my case I think it masked it.

I was talking to a friend who was driving to a later work meeting and she was talking about the gloomy weather...I hadn't been outside, but was gloomy hearing all of the reports - I hadn't seen anything about the hurricane on t.v. until later tonight...yet, I felt the weight walking and the tragedy in the wind this afternoon when I finally did make it outside. Odd how the weather from the storm feels omnious.

So now I'm listening to Beethoven Violin Concerto, after thinking about this entry on the bus ride home. There was a woman complaining about Bush, talking about gas prices.
My parents sound so so, it was a hard talk with them today, my dad says mom is losing strength, and it frightens me. I was worried when I couldn't catch them earlier today. And I try to think how lucky they are (i.e. compared to hurricane victims) - but wish I was closer to help out with them.
Mendelssohn concerto has started and it isn't stopping the tears. But it is an escape I suppose.

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