Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Not really a Monday

But sort of seems that way after a holiday...well, not for me, I did work. But hardly anyone else was around!
Going to do a little cooking tonight, a new Rachael Ray recipe, articoke hearts *sigh* I typed heart and Rachael Ray in the same line - oh I did it again. hahaha.
Started carpooling today, nice to be off the bus - will definitely get my bike chain fixed now so I'll still get some exercise! Weekends I will totally be on the greenbelt (see previous post) and I want to start going down to the Reilly Midtown - its an arthouse movie theater/art gallery/coffeeshop/ice cream place. Think it'll be great to meet new folks, and a fairly easy bike ride downtown.
Oh! This weekend is an artwalk on Sunday. I'm so going.
Good productive day at the station so far, more than 150 discs entered into the library, which lets us make better playlists, or at least its easier for me if I can look up a disc in the computer rather than looking for it on the shelves and then manually adding it to the playlist.
More later if I get a chance. Perhaps after dinner!

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