Friday, September 02, 2005

The little things

Just updated my friend Hal's website...he had sent an email yesterday about helping out the musicians affected by Katrina, and I offered to put up a link for it. Glad I did.
Another friend passed along an article from LA about a story involving a violinist stranded and his attempts to ease survivors by playing Bach. It was very touching.
WITF has an excellent list of ways to help, and we're airing stories from listeners affected...on the music side, we're carrying on, playing music as we can, and always do, to inspire, soothe and as a break.

Busy weekend, including a trip to Mt. Gretna for their 30th anniversary of concerts. And I'm working Monday, so if you're looking for cool music during your barbeque or when you're waking up from sleeping in - be sure to tune in to WITF-FM!

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