Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Small World

So it's been a wacky few days, is something in the water? I was contacted, within a 12 hour time span, by two brass players (?!) that I knew in Wichita, but had lost contact.
Turns out a french horn player played this weekend in Harrisburg, and lives up in State College. He saw my picture in the HSO program and recognized me from the Wichita Symphony and WSU where we went to school. He sent an email to work and got ahold of me. I'll try to catch a concert with his orchestra with in May, when another horn playing friend of ours from "wheatshocker" days will play there.
Then last night I got an email from a trombone player I knew in Youth Symphony oh so many years ago. He's in LA now with his own ensemble, and had seen a comment from a post I'd left on Sequenza21 about reviewing cds.
Small world.

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