Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sunday before holiday

It's a crazy day, the 3rd LVCMS concert today at the LVAM and packing to go back to visit my folks in Kansas. 8 days off, yeay! (and it's cold in sin city today)
Went to the bond concert last night, after interviewing them in the studio. wow. picture to be uploaded soon.

With the Murrays and Terry Murphy at an event for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. Posted by Hello

In front of the Alamo, completing the PRPD workshop, 10/2004. Posted by Hello

Soaring in Studio One. Posted by Hello

Playing in master control, KCNV. Posted by Hello

Playing in Studio One. Posted by Hello

John relaxing in Nevada Public Radio's garden area during a recent pledge drive. Posted by Hello

John in master control, KCNV Posted by Hello

Friday, November 05, 2004

Weekend almost here

Friday in Vegas…yeay! Work meeting cancelled, good day on-air and an email from the Las Vegas Weekly asking if I could write about choosing between two upcoming classical events, The Las Vegas Philharmonic and Bond. Of course I could. (I’ve added one here that I didn’t want to put in the weekly) Anyhoo, we’ll see what the editors do with it. I like my title.
Have some friends in from Dallas and should have a blast! They’re at the MGM and know that we’ll work in drinks, cigars and babes.
Had a nice interview with Steven Mercurio and yesterday’s talk with Olga Kern was just plain fun. I’ll get a link up for the interview soon; both will air next week.
[note the article below is set to be printed 11-18-04, so it refers to concerts that actually haven’t taken place.]

Vienna or Vixens?
Just last weekend Andrea Bocelli performed at Mandalay Bay with the Las Vegas Philharmonic, and on the same night Pianist Olga Kern played with the touring Warsaw Philharmonic in Hamm Hall. This weekend another double dose of concert dilemma occurs when the Las Vegas Philharmonic plays their second subscription concert, "Memoirs From Vienna" and Bond, a string quartet of “beautiful babes…sex appeal and sensational music” [from their press release] are playing at House of Blues.
How do you decide which to attend? John Clare* compiled this list of factors:

LV Phil
1. Memories of Vienna
2. Take your loved one
3. 85 Local musicians
4. Beverages in the lobby
5. Tickets $25-$66
6. Classical music
7. Unplugged (Acoustic)
8. Hunks (Conductor Weller, Soloists Caplan, Bernatis and Foster)
9. Mozart
10. Beethoven
11. House of Blue hairs

1. Vixens
2. Take the gang
3. 4 Visiting musicians
4. Beverages during the concert
5. Tickets $20-$27
6. Crossover/pop
7. Electric & acoustic
8. Babes
9. Mo’ zart
10. Beat often?
11. House of Blues

Who said there’s nothing classical or cultural to do in Sin City? (or culturally sinful at the same time?!)

*John Clare is president of the LV Chamber Music Society and Classical Program Manager at Nevada Public Radio. He recently won two EMAs for Best Radio Show and On-air Talent.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


The LVCMS board meeting was very good last night. I went to Big Dogs afterwards, had a burger, beer and cigar…then home and caught up more with the dark side of the force – am in the middle of ROTJ dvd – planning to get through all of them, then watch with the commentaries…also may plan a marathon of all five episodes in the near future. (Coming to a galaxy near you?)
I’ll interview Olga Kern this morning before her LV appearance next weekend and waiting on hearing back from Steven Mercurio before he comes to conduct the Bocelli concert - also next weekend. I’ll catch the dress rehearsal of Olga with the Warsaw Phil as there is a Paella party planned at a friend’s house in CanyonGate.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I can’t believe Nevada went for Bush, yuck! At least Clark County voted for Kerry. We’ll see how the rest of the country turns out. Sent a note to a friend to check out this site, and to another in South Africa wondering if they’re coming back to the US if Bush is re-elected. I have a friend who went to Canada yesterday, claiming if Bush won, he’d stay up there – I’m banking on him coming back, and with some Cuban cigars! First official Las Vegas Chamber Music Society board meeting this evening at six, then dinner with a lawyer friend on the board. Here’s good news: Bond (the babe string quartet) is coming to Las Vegas November 20th.

Oddly enough, same night as the next LV Philharmonic concert. Decisions, decisions…

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Out and about

I just got a photo back from friends at the opening of Ra Sushi @ the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, NV.

We went there after the fundraiser for the Nevada School of the Arts annual “feast” (one of the best meals, I enjoy it completely – and they have great entertainment to boot!) all on Saturday October 23rd. I also ended up winning a silent auction item, a basket with all sorts of great Chinese picnic items – very fun (and hopefully useful in the future!) One of the odd events that evening was a mysterious flu at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, where the event always takes place.
I enjoyed a La Gloria Cubana Cuban cigar out on the patio of Ra Sushi and talked with several young ladies in the “smoking” section before we started dancing. Then their boyfriends came over. They asked if I wanted to come with them to the Venetian for more drinking but as it was the day after our pledge drive, I passed (plus, hey they had boyfriends! Sheesh!)
No lines today voting at my precinct. I thanked the volunteers – just like the radio station, it’s always a good thing to tell people that you appreciate them – that just doesn’t happen often enough! It was a pretty day, I ended up walking the four blocks to the school from the station (just around the corner) and had lunch with a friend at “Triple Play” – one of the cheapest, grooviest sports bars that I know.