Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Nice new layout for ArtsJournal, check it out here. Nice job guys!

The newest discs on my desk are tremendous, Michael Torke's Strawberry Fields;


eighth blackbird's strange imaginary animals.

Check them out, you'll be glad you did!
And also, if you need a Mozart score, be sure to check out the Digital Mozart Edition.

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Julie said...

Regarding Torke's Strawberry Fields CD:
This is some of the most beautiful music yet from Torke, very moving and touching and, in addition, an endearing libretto by Gurney. Spectacular performances by the amazing cast of singers. Pentecost, the other piece on the CD, is beautifully performed by Margaret Lloyd and the Albany Symphony. The recording will make a wonderful Christmas gift (or really any time!) for those who have everything yet need something really special in their CD collection. Not to be missed ...
(Maestro: apologies if you already received these comments - I didn't know if they went through yesterday)