Monday, December 04, 2006


So I ran into an old acquaintance this week at work. He stood there, as I was walking toward the radio master control room with a coworker, and we stopped - he tilted his head - as my coworker was still talking and I smiled.
He said, you don't remember - and I had a puzzled look for just a moment, because I couldn't believe that during the first week of our new building, here was another radio person I knew - but a decade ago! He had since worked in California (when I was in Texas & Nevada), and then to Florida (while I moved to Harrisburg.) I always enjoyed his work, and it seemed he was always covering something dangerous for NPR, so I never thought he'd just be standing in the hallway at my work. But there he was.
We shook hands and laughed. He got introduced to my coworker and we chatted for a few moments. Turns out he is AT NPR now, instead of reporting, he's a bureau chief. It's way cool, cause he's a real talent. He mentioned that he'd asked if I was around here - we always seemed to stay in touch, from his reports in Kansas at the State House and on tornadoes; to the Navy deployment in San Diego and then the hurricanes in Florida. I think I had emailed him when I got the Deems Taylor Award last year (who DIDN'T I email then, hahaha!) and we stayed in touch.
So it was nice to get an email a day later with his new contact info. It also brought back some great memories from Lawrence, when my date and I had run into him at dinner at this killer place. I emailed her (we're still in touch!) and it was sweet having all of this to share.

So of course, the guys at work had to give me a hard time about him asking about me: Do you know everyone?! Who don't you know?! God, how do people remember you?!

It's all apart of life. One, it's a small world, really. Two, always treat people fairly and respect talent. Three, why not have fun whenever you can?

I live life to the fullest and have lots of friends. Why not? If our paths cross, I'd just as soon have you remember me for this fun loving, classical geek who lives and loves as much as he can. And remember, you never know when you'll run into somebody!

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Jann said...

John, thank you for the inspiration!

"I'd just as soon have you remember me for this fun loving, classical geek who lives and loves as much as he can."

You don't know everybody -- but everybody should know you.