Sunday, December 17, 2006

Klap Ur Handz

An Interview with Maria Bachmann of the Lark Quartet

I recently had a chance to speak with the talented Maria Bachmann about the Lark Quartet and their new cd, Klap Ur Handz. She's the first violinist of the group, besides a member of Trio Solisti and a suberb concert violinist. We focused on the new cd out on the Endeavor classics label (available through Allegro).
[photo of Maria and John at the cd launch party in November 2006]

Part 1 - Talking about all the pieces on the disc and how they ended up on the album [mp3 file]
Part 2 - There's alot of energy in the playing [mp3 file]
Part 3 - I was suprised that there is a remix track [mp3 file]
Part 4 - There's a Harrisburg connection to Klap Ur Handz [mp3 file]
Part 5 - What is coming up in the future? [mp3 file]

Read and hear more about the new disc here.

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