Saturday, December 23, 2006

The numbers

Terrible Twos?

Congrats to Dr. Dick's blog turning two years old this month! Just kidding about the terrible - it's a real resource for music, writing and a bit of fun. Oh, and you can learn about WITF behind the scenes too!

3 + 4 + 4 = ?
The answer isn't 11; rather I'm thinking Jennifer Higdon! It's the delightful new Naxos cd with her Piano Trio and 2 String Quartets on it. You should run, not walk to your record store or favorite internet site and pick one up for yourself - and maybe one for someone special!

Visit #7,624
Just this last week I saw a good friend who said, "Oh John! You're always falling in love, I see it on your blog. You so wear your heart on your sleeve." (I'm paraphrasing of course, but his case was I write about what I love and the artists I hold dear.)
Then I see this on my stats/visits:
Search Engine:
Search Words: "in love with" janine jansen

and it led them here. Go figure.
For the record, I do love her playing.

Number of artists interviewed by John in 2006
Composers (31)

Paul Moravec
Bernard Rands
Augusta Read Thomas
Joan Tower
George Crumb
Chris Brubeck
Steven Stucky
John Corigliano
Milton Babbitt
Christopher Rouse
Robert Moran
Danny Elfman
Fred Lerdahl
Libby Larsen
Jose Serebrier
John Eaton
Tina Davidson
Sy Brandon
Robert Pound
Chris Whittaker
Pat Long
Lowell Liebermann
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich
Kevin Puts
Barry Guy
Arlen Clarke
Simon Andrews & his composition students
John Rutter
Jennifer Higdon
Michael Torke
Ross Care

Other interviewees (37)
conductor Stuart Malina
conductor Stephen Gunzenhauser
conductor Keri-Lynn Wilson
violinist Maria Bachmann
violinist Arnold Steinhardt
violinist Martin Beaver
violinist Rachel Barton Pine
violinist Karen Gomyo
violinist David Kim
violinist Juilet Kang
violinist Jennifer Koh
violinist Odin Rathnam
cellist Josh Gindele
cellist Laszlo Fenyo
flutists Sir James and Lady Jeannie Galway
guitarist Ernesto Tamayo
Juilliard String Quartet
pianist Awadagin Pratt
pianist Jeffery Biegel
pianist Christopher O'Riley
pianist Lilya Zilberstein
pianist Anna Polonsky
pianist Barry Douglas
duo pianists Veri and Jamanis
piano ensemble/siblings The Five Browns
electronic musician Chuck van Zyl
guitarist Art Cohen
American Symphony Orchestra League President/CEO Henry Fogel
American Ballet Theater Associate Artistic Director Victor Barbee
Central PA Youth Ballet Artistic Director Marcia Dale Weary
author Matt Lake
author Jack Sullivan
author Kathan Brown
author Don Campbell (The Mozart Effect)
critic/writer Andrew Druckenbrod
Lemonhead's Evan Dando
Stand-up comic Paula Poundstone

8 Days
Time I'll be away over the holidays. Thanks to everyone filling in at WITF. Happy Holidays!

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