Sunday, December 10, 2006

Composer Interview

It was great to catch up and pick the musical mind of Michael Torke on Saturday afternoon in Manhattan for WITF.
We had met previously in Las Vegas for an interview for 20/20 Hearing back in October 2003. Back then, he was in town on vacation and it happened to work out for him and I to do the interview at our studios - I interviewed and engineered from the booth and he was in the next room. Afterwards I dropped him off at the Bellagio. It was novel at the time because a) we had just debuted the all classical station that day; and b) all of the next two years of the show, only one other composer interview was in person, the rest were over the phone.

This time, we talked at Torke's apartment in the village - I know the neighborhood well as I eat and drink at Shopsin's and Mr. Dennehy's quite often - and it turns out Michael's apartment is just around the corner! It was also nice that we had an engineer so I could focus solely on the interview. Keep an eye for it on Composing Thoughts this spring!


Anonymous said...

Just to confirm that the Michael Torke interview will be broadcast on WITF on Sunday, March 25, 7-8 pm? Looking forward to it! Thanks so much!

Maestro said...

Yes! Sunday March 25th starts a whole new round of interviews and music with composers, starting with Michael Torke!