Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Musical Meme

Here's a musical meme from Terry Teachout, via Do the Math.

Give us an example or two of an especially good or interesting:
1. Movie score: John William’s Catch me if you can

2. TV theme: Vic Mizzy's Green Acres theme

3. Melody: Elena Kats-Chernin's Butterflying; Jennifer Higdon's Concerto for Orchestra, I;

4. Harmonic language: Andrzej Panufnik, John Adams

5. Rhythmic feel: Steve Reich, U2

6. Hip-hop track: DBR's Klap UR Handz

7. Classical piece: FJ Haydn's G major Violin Concerto (Hob.VIIa:4)

8. Smash hit: u2's With or Without You

9. Jazz album: Quintette du Hot Club de France - Volume 1 on Naxos

10. Non-American folkloric group: Bulgarian State Radio and Television Female Vocal Choir (Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares: Volume 1)

11. Book on music: Arnold Steinhardt's Indivisible By Four

A) Name an surprising album (or albums) you loved when you were developing as a musician: something that really informs your sound but that we would never guess in a million years:
Getz/Gilberto; Frank Sinatra; Goldfinger Soundtrack

B) Name a practitioner (or a few) who play your instrument that you think is underrated:
Janine Jansen; David Perry

C) Name a rock or pop album that you wish had been a smash commercial hit (but wasn't, not really): Animal Logic II

D) Name a favorite drummer, and an album to hear why you love that drummer:
Evelyn Glennie, Rebounds (1992 RCA album, now out of print)

Now it's your turn!


Richard in NY said...

My favorite movie score is Copland's for the 1949 film "The Heiress", which won him an Oscar. He also wrote the score for the move "The Red Pony" and both are available here:

beautifully performed by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Since most people are unfamiliar with Copland's film work, the CD makes an nice gift for a classical music fan.

Merry Christmas, John, and thanks for doing the blog. It's a great resource for non-musicians like me who want to expand our appreciation and understanding of classical music.


Maestro said...

Thank you Richard and Happy Holidays!
Ah, the Red Pony - I end up playing that quite abit on air at WITF. I also adore his "Our Town" score, besides the 3rd Symphony.
So much music...