Friday, May 19, 2006


So I've had a week or two to be mortified. The last Gilmore Girls on the WB with the original writers and creators stunned and shocked me. As I've had time to think about it, overall I hated it. Really. Sad that so much emotion can be brought about from a TV show and fictional characters...but when Luke and Lorelai went out and became a couple, I was elated, even crying for joy - what can I say, I'm an emotional guy. And the fights and breakups I always thought were just bumps in the road for them, that they would ultimately wind up together and married - one of those great couples. But the rift that has occurred - and set up over the last two episodes I know, is just that, awful. Not bad writing, just not what I wanted. There's still a season left on the new network, but I'm devastated. I may not have a successful relationship currently and have my share of broken hearts...but I had the whole Luke and Lorelai fantasy. Now I do not.
There is this: Google search for Luke and Lorelai
And I look forward to watching the dvds of seasons leading up to this. But the jury is out and I can only hope the new writers do a better job than this last episode of what has been an amazing series.
You can also listen to Amy Sherman-Palladino on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

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