Friday, May 19, 2006

Practicing out back

(or serenading bunny)
[or how many posts can I make in one day?!]

I was doing some scale/interval practicing as well as some composing/improv on my deck in the backyard...little did I know I had an audience!
Yes, besides some squirrels in the trees and to the right side of the yard, out back there were rabbits scurrying here and about. One even decided to stop and listen for a bit!
The bunny seemed to like my playing and sonic experiments, although the high register usually caused some hopping about...I'll try to note that the next time I'm jammin' up high in performance and look for audience reaction, hehehe. I did do a rendition of PDQ Bach's folk song upsetting, Little Bunny Hop, Hop, Hop - but again, little to no reaction!

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