Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fabulous Flute

I made it back with enought time to grab a late lunch/early dinner and then make it i to another friend's concert - but not enough time to see/hear NYC Operas workshops going on near Washington Square that friends at New Music Box recommended - next year though! Looking forward to hearing about it.
So, I had excellent chinese food and a cigar, then caught Margaret Lancaster (the concert series site is here) playing mostly works written for her (and the mondo classic minimalist piece, Vermont Counterpoint by Steve Reich.) As I reminded her afterwards, she is the greatest thing since sliced bread (IMHO). She clearly puts so much into the music she plays, and as excellent artists do, makes it look simple at the same time. It was a small but delightful space (I even had time to browse in the Cuban bookstore downstairs, free Cuba! [that's me being goofy, not the actual name of the bookstore.]) that filled by the time the concert started - mostly friends and composers, and all appreciative. Besides producing a sumptuous flute tone, she aptly played Alto flute, piccolo and the Bass flute - all at times amplified even! Oh, and the exteneded techniques! Keys sounds, singing and ringing chimes with some acting thrown in...hard to pick a favorite on this program.
Afterwards time for a drink and final cigar before the train trip back to PA.

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