Sunday, May 28, 2006

ArtsFest 2006

Hey there! Just a quick update...
Yesterday I spent the morning practicing while my friends/landlords worked in the yard. It was great seeing them, their folks stopped by too while I serenaded them, and I'll see them tomorrow.

Then I made my way down to ArtsFest. WITF did a remote from 1 to 3pm during Weekend America - which I didn't have to be on air, but thought it would be a fun time to go and see. Actually find a pretty good parking space, I ran into Dick Strawser making his way down there - I joked with him that he was another announcer shouting the other name across the street - turns out he had said announcer's old name tag on him, too funny.

Scott Gilbert (here on the right working on his report in the WITF van) provided some good audio from the KidsFest portion, himself a new dad. And on the left side, here's Damon (Beau) Baughamer in between breaks with the gorgeous Susquehanna River behind him.

Later, not carrying any cash, wondered about and instead of the overpriced food, went to an ATM by Zembies, and had a beer and burger there - seeing a bartender I normally don't see that works the day shift. And hey the Mets were winning - first ballgame I watched all year.

I made my way back to the WITF booth and talked with the new Volunteer Coordinator, Angela Grab and hung out for quite awhile - helping with windblown signs and pamplets - and meeting listeners. I left around six, took a nap (yes, I'm getting old!) and then watched the Oilers take game five and head on to the Stanley Cup finals. Now I'll watch Buffalo and Carolina battle it out - hope it goes to seven games (it's even right now - 2 games apiece) and then look towards the finals.

TODAY - Sunday - I play in a quartet (Paul Zavinsky and friends) which does folk/blues/rock at 2pm at the walking bridge stage in downtown Harrisburg as part of ArtsFest. Hope you'll come down and see it.

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