Friday, May 19, 2006

Program guide quote

Written for the Tenth Anniversary of Chamber Music at the Barn program guide:

"CMATB brings to mind such amazingly ebullient reflections. Passionate performances with friends in a charming setting - to quote Gershwin, "Who could ask for anything more?" I did everything I could in those first few years - from turning pages to recording programs for radio - loving every minute. Congratulations on ten years, and many, many more - hope to visit soon!"
John Clare
John is a classical music radio professional in Central PA, who just won the ASCAP Deems Taylor Broadcast Award in NYC. He's also the co-founder of the WSU Contemporary Music Festival and the Las Vegas Chamber Music Society.

CMATB is much more than title suggests. It showcases local and visiting musicians and really does something special in a gorgeous space. I haven't back in a few years, but want to get out soon to see them - maybe even this summer if possible. One of the musicians I met there was Ernesto Tamayo - who teaches nearby in Lancaster's PA Academy of Music and I emcee'd his concert last September. Also my mentor David Perry was a frequent guest in the early years but hasn't been able to perform there lately - he's a dad now and is on tour currently with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. Catherine Consiglio, the founder and excellent violist pictured here on the right, is a good friend and even survived teaching me for a semester back at WSU. If you are looking for some great music in south central Kansas, Chamber Music at the Barn is a must.

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