Monday, May 29, 2006

ArtsFest2 or Noch einmal

So a good time was had by all and all were had by the good time. After a leisurely morning, I made my way back to downtown Harrisburg for ArtsFest - saying hi to the WITF volunteers, and then winding my way through the booths to the walking bridge stage where I ran into fellow band members. A strawberry ice slushy (no, no rum added...) certainly helped my energy and to cool things down, although it was a beautiful day really - not too warm or muggy - and very bright.
The set went quite well, although I thought we really jelled on the Johnny Cash tune, Folsom Prison Blues and it just went uphill from there. The crowd, with lots of friends seemed to enjoy us - even with my Beyond the Sea/C joke. A friend's wife said afterwards (I can never define what style we do, folk/jazz/blues) that we do ballads. Which I agree with for the most part - and I think fits with Paul's voice.
Afterwards I got to chat with some friends, although I felt pulled in many directions - but wound up meeting with folks I had wanted to hang with and strolling around the booths. From saspirillas to a blooming onion, we all worked on a sunburn and good laughs - I have to say I was a little out of it having done a 45 minute set and then walking around...I was going to go see the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players that night - but when I got home, had a huge migraine - I wasn't sure if it was a lack of caffeine, too much sun or what...I ended up watching the regulation play in game five of the playoffs, but felt so bad, finally went to bed. This morning things are better, and I'm making sure I get my daily coffee requirement! ;)

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