Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm just not sure

Ya know, in the blogosphere, I was a bit suprised today reading Ilkka's latest entry, Thumbkin:

Is it possible that the conductor likes pretty young women and would prefer to be surrounded by them in the orchestra? After all, his present wife is the orchestra’s principal cellist. This would be perfectly understandable, and a sign of a healthy, youthful heterosexual male. It is confession time: during my decades in orchestras there have been numerous times when I have voted and spoken for such candidates myself. These young ladies probably got their jobs based on their Cuteness Factor, as others in the audition committee, and the conductor, who had the final say, felt the same way. Sorry guys, you don’t seem to be as much fun to be around with. Is this morally right? Of course not, and many of the people in question have proven to be disappointing professionally; even the cuteness disappears quickly. But it is part of human nature.

I just am not sure I'd admit this. If you know me, you'd suspect it of me suppose. But I also have faith that I make musical judgements on purely music and not upon the looks of the performer.
I appreciated an interview with Janine Jansen which she stated, "Music means everything to me. Of course I enjoy making a beautiful photo for a new CD. That's part of it. But if people are open, then they should listen to the music." She was making a point, that if you work hard for it to sound good, why wouldn't you want it to look good?
I can agree about that. And maybe it goes without saying that you'd go with a beautiful candidate - after all beauty is in the eye of the musical matters it should be the ear that matters!!!!

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