Friday, May 26, 2006


I've been watching lots of playoff hockey. In fact, I think I've watched EVERY game except two periods, and the game last Saturday when I was doing an interview with Kevin Puts in NYC. Other than that, I've really enjoyed the Stanley Cup playoffs...with the major exception that Dallas nor Philadelphia progressed very far. So when highlights come on or someone mentions a particular goal or play, I go, "Oh yeah" cause I've seen it!
So last night I made myself chuckle, I had to, I had wanted to see the Oilers sweep Anaheim, but that didn't I thought about "Things that sound dirty in Hockey, but aren't:"
five hole
high sticking
wrap around
two on one
short handed
three on one
poke check
four on three
stack the pads
pulling the goalie
too many men on the ice
hand pass

And some player names:
Hakan Loob
Radek Bonk

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