Monday, August 22, 2005


Laundry sorted and getting hooked up, printer soon...boxes of cds and books on shelves. The simple things in life coming together, it's a great feeling. Reading books may get moved to the commute only, or just before bed, but planning to take some time with RR and 30 minutes meals, and for the Closer tonight...haven't watched much TV, although all the Bond on AMC has been great.
Also been trying to keep up email with friends, sometimes a difficult task!
Websites are way behind, I need to update Hal Weller dot com and to create Walter Mays dot com - which will be fun, but yet ANOTHER thing to do.
Life's rich pageant.

Lots getting done at work too, interviews coming together, it's nice getting ahead. Trying to put in a lot to the air sound and for promos. This preparation is key. Speaking of which...later!

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