Saturday, August 27, 2005


Yes, I am a dork. I was talking with a coworker yesterday, who thanked me for making a new concert calendar, and he said, "Thanks John. A man of many talents." - I corrected him and made myself laugh, "No, I'm a geek of many interests."
Ok, so I knew how to "engineer" a calendar with software, combining info on graphics and concert details. What can I say, I'm a dork.
I think a new piece called, Dork of all trades, could be a tone poem. Or a scherzo of a symphony.
Didn't compose tonight, or cook really, had leftovers. It's raining and smells great!

Yorkfest today, not to be confused with the blog title, was sweet. Not a highlight of art (ok, I did flirt with the artist across the way from our booth who was painting her Chrysler mini-van) or food, but it was great spending time with WITF staff. Many laughs were had, and I did learn that York is where the Articles of Confederation were signed.

Food wasn't bad, although I never went back to get a Turkey leg, I was happy with the Crabcake sandwich, and later the Brown Cow milkshake.
Other highpoints included being recognized by three listeners (I did have my name tag on though!) AND most of all, the bike ride to WITF today uncovered a great trail...the Harrisburg Greenbelt. This is amazing.

Really! The Harrisburg Greenbelt is a charming trail, paved, and lots of information along it, and places to picnic, stop, learn and it's simply gorgeous. I will definitely return...good exercise too. Also nice to know I could bike to work now and then.

Started playoff play on my recently purchased EA Sports NHL 2004. Mondo time zapper, no laundry done tonight! - but lots of fun.

Tomorrow I need to do some web updates, think about ClassicallyHip changes too. Looking forward to Ethel.

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