Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another Day

It's midweek and all is well. Been thinking about exercising more, composing and life in general. My landlords/temporary roommates arrived last night from their vacation in Cape Cod. It was nice to catch up with them. Things will definitely be more lonely when they go to State College later this month. But it will also give me a little more freedom. I still haven't unpacked everything yet, and I really should. Another thing to add to the mix...getting my clothes unpacked and organized. I'll defintely need my winter clothes here, which is a funny thought considering that today is an ozone action day (may reach 100 - in feeling, not actual degrees!) Also makes me quite proud to be commuting on the bus. After a talk with Thomas this weekend, and hearing gas prices in Germany are basically $6.00 a gallon - and knowing things aren't gonna get better soon...of course, another funny thought, how does this affect C.I.R.I.? Hmmm.

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