Friday, August 26, 2005

Wake up!

Well, while I don't think about it often, unless it is one extreme or another, there are days that you wake up on the right side, or the wrong side of bed. Today it seems it is the right side. Woohoo! (Technically it should be disclosed I sleep on the left side of the bed.)
I figured out the optimum bus schedule, after having just enough sleep and not needing a blanket WITH the windows open.
Work has gone well, good discussions, interviews and planning. Things seem under control and organized. And yet not too stale.
Tonight is the new Tasty Travels with Rachael Ray.

Rachael's show was so fun! And she went to the meat packing district - had lunch where Thomas, Suzanna and I went for drinks, Pastis! (See the August 1, 2005 post) How cool is that!

What else?
Busy weekend, look for updates on Yorkfest and Gretna Music - I imagine to write quite a bit about Ethel on Sunday.
It's nice waking up, and on the right side!

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