Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Making a difference

Two things have recently affected me. Today. August 16th, 2005.
One, a close friend called and passed along info about one of her close friends, who passed away suddenly: http://theclassicalstation.org/frosty.shtml
He too was a classical announcer (and engineer - trust me, I weigh too much to climb on a tower and while I love the technical side, will never be an engineer!) and while I never met Frosty, I know how much he meant to my friend, and as the site shows, to his listeners. I don't often think about this aspect of my friends or the result of radio work, but it is there.
Oddly, this comes the morning after a workshop last night about classical announcing:
Frank Dominguez from WDAV talked and discussed broadcasting with the classical FM staff. It was great to discuss our craft and hear examples from around the world, and from our own staff.
Really an inspiration, and a view.
Do what matters, and what makes you happy. But do it well, your absolute best. When you have been in an environment that is less than ideal, who put up defenses and can get in a rut, to just do the minimum...to get by, to survive.
That's not the case for me anymore in my work, I can excel and should. Don't just get by, but relish the tasks.

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