Friday, August 12, 2005


I'm reading Marcia Davenport's Mozart biography, "Mozart" and ran across this passage:

"The typical great musician is much more apt to settle down by the side of any woman who can make him physically comfortable, satisfy all his creature needs, and remove personal and emotional irritants from his consciousness, leaving him free to function in an ideational world of his own. There have been very conspicuous exceptions to this rule, but even more decided proofs of it. From old Bach with his twenty children to the half-dozen oustanding virtuosi of the twentieth century, it is seen to be true. Of course musicians are no more monogamous than other men."

Wow! I'd use it as an email signature if it wasn't so long.


I'm trying to read alot about Mozart before this big celebration coming up in January, the 250th Anniversary of his birth. I've played lots of his music, and read lots of books years ago, so it's nice to come back to it.

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