Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I enjoyed a good cigar and a drink with my friend Ernesto tonight in Lancaster. We'll often meetup after he has finished teaching and grab dinner, or a drink. Tonight we got a snack and order an appropriate drink to accompany some cigars I picked up to celebrate his new cd, Artistico. We had gone to a reception Sunday after his recital, but tonight it was just us - time to catch up and just be ourselves.
These La Flor Domincanas were beautiful, a perferido classic shape (like you see in cartoons, that look a little like a flying saucer) called Mystico. They were tasty and delightfully mild. As the night progressed we finished our soup and had a fruit and cheese plate, again, a delightful accompaniment with the cigars.
As I ordered some coffee, and I admit, lit another cigar, I asked for the check. Our waitress came by and took my credit card. As she left and went to the register, we heard, "OMG! John Clare. Like classical music, John Clare. I listen, OMG! I'm waiting on John Clare!"
Ernesto immediately started laughing, he always likes to introduce me as the famous radio host and here he was, hearing a waitress exclaim it to the entire restaurant. I smiled back and turned to her. "Yeah, that's me."
It was her turn to blush as she realized we all heard it. Later she was telling friends of hers at another table and motioning to us. It was a hoot. We talked about some shows, fundraising and how we both are enjoying WXPN increasing their signal in the midstate - good music and competition are good things I believe.
It was fun to have a "spotlight" moment - actually earlier Tuesday a very good patron of WITF came by the Public Media Center and waved to me in the booth (read Dr. Dick's adventures in MCR from Tuesday here) and I went out and spoke to her. The sweetest thing she told me and one of our Development staff was how much she enjoyed seeing me at all the area concerts - which I said I'd see her at more soon.
All in all, a really nice day today, and made me remember similar moments in Philadelphia and a couple at Carnegie Hall!

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