Monday, April 10, 2006

Do you play violin?

Wild and wacky moment in NYC this trip (and a first in Manhattan!) - I went around to get the tickets for tonight and next week, and leaving the box office, stopped to light a cigar and go to Central Park. I finished lighting it, and was looking up at the architecture (another of part of my love affair with Manhattan) but I hear in a light Russian accent, "Do you play violin? You DO play violin, it's John!" - and then this lovely brunette (she was blonde in Las Vegas) says, "It is YOU!"

Kiera and John, Fall 2003 (posing in front of sculptures of her)

I was quite shocked to see this model I knew from Las Vegas (turns out she was picking up tickets for that evening in Zankel Hall - and had moved in 2004 to L.A. was was just in town. We had mutual friends who were artists/fashion designers...and I had played an art reception where I played lots of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff for her (and as she reminded me, played my violin while I drank wine - she doesn't really play but had been excited to make some squeaks.)

Serenading Kiera and Carmen, Fall 2003

So Kiera recognized me in a city of 8 million. It's happened in other places to me, part of the whole "dj" sorta thing, but this was a first for NYC. Small wacky world.

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