Sunday, December 23, 2007

Soaking up relaxation

I'm enjoying some time off in upstate NY. (Yes, not only do I love Manhattan, but the other regions of NY as well! Read about some of them here.)

Yesterday I had a good morning doing a few errands and then took a casual drive up to Ithaca. I didn't take the highway this time, rather a leisurely roadtrip straight north through PA and NY. I'll follow a similar route home.

So I met up with friends for drinks, dinner and afterwards, scotch and cigars. It was spectacular (pictures to come soon) to say the least.
I'm currently at the Inn on Columbia, where I'd stayed previously. The couple who own it are charming and have a wonderful place/great eye for decor. I always seem to get an upgrade at no extra charge and its close to everything I want to do in Ithaca.
If you get a chance, hang out there sometime. Its mondo relaxing.

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