Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy World Atonality Day

Just in time for World Atonality Day, ClassicallyHip Productions presents Copying Penderecki.
Tubist Phillip Black (left) portrays the Polish Composer Krzysztof Penderecki (above) in the new music movie about the decision to title an avant garde work with the help of a woman, played by Roxanna Panufnik (right), who previously scored music for Ed Harris (below) as a deaf musician/emotional abstract artist who drips paint and violently attacks Viggo Mortensen.

The story is loosely based and orchestrated with basses. Think of Walk Hard meets the Schoenberg Code.
Copying Penderecki also stars Tom Hanks as Arnold Schoenberg's ghost, who warns Penderecki about the highest possible note.
F Murray Abraham portrays a Polish communist leader attempting to poison Penderecki and take his Threnody as his own.

Nastassia Kinski is Penderecki's young lover who's father objects to their relationship.
Judy Davis also appears as the cigar smoking poetess who is inspired by Penderecki's music. Jonathan Pryce and Sarah Wynter are a troubled Vienese couple who influence Penderecki, but not as much as Bruckner does. Robert Powell has a smaller role as Pryce's twin brother and Georgina Hale plays Sarah Wynter's twin sister - both rather dreamy and metaphorical.

Stranger yet is an appearance of Wierd Al as a tv programmer who invites Penderecki to a new show on Channel 62, Polish Idol, where each week contestants play and sing cluster chords.
Catch Copying Penderecki at a computer near you!

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