Thursday, November 24, 2005


So I just ordered a multi-purpose video recorder/camera/mp3 player - I'm really pumped. (I also ordered a cool trenchcoat - only related that they are both from
It should arrive shortly and I can practice before the awards ceremony this next month. So keep an eye out, I'll do my best to post more pictures. (Like I need incentive to be more visual...sheesh!)
I also got a letter telling more about the awards evening, this as I've sent out my new logo

and a 90 second audio clip (to be posted soon!) of 20/20 Hearing (Imagine deciding over 52 episodes - each 2 hours long - for a 90 second clip!!!) to ASCAP for the presentations.
It seems I have to arrive early to get my medal, then to a section to wait for the presentations...then to a party! Woohoo!
They stipulate 30 seconds for acceptance speeches. This will be another topic in the not too distant future.

Also nice hearing back from folks with invites and whether or not they can make it.

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