Sunday, November 27, 2005

Music selections

First, from 20/20 Hearing, and the aforementioned 90 second clip for the upcoming Deems Taylor Awards ceremony.
Here is part of Peter Schickele's episode, speaking about Pentangle:
MP4 file of the example.
Peter's whole show is a hoot, but I thought this was representative of 20/20 Hearing in general.

Secondly, here are some more songs from my recent foray into folk music with Paul Zavinsky...mind you usually folk music is Bartok or Haydn to me. So this was a start and is from the live performance, no fancy schmancy mixing here...just what the stage guys gave us. (I'm happy they did record it and we can tweak things gives you a flavor. [hey that rhymes!])

MP4 file of "What more can I do?"
MP4 file of "Mr. Ditty Wah Ditty"
MP4 file of "Distant Thunder"
MP4 file of "Pancho & Lefty"

Contact me if you can't play the Mp4...I can arrange for a Real Audio file or cd.

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