Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Cigar Shoppe

Friday evening I gave a cigar to a gentleman at the American Legion (it's a cigar smoker sorta thing, you give folks a cigar to try - kinda a share and share alike mentality.) He recommended a store in LeMoyne to me - gave me a lighter from there in fact.
Well yesterday was long at work and I decided to reward myself and go check it out. I printed out a map, and was on my way (I looked them up online too for their hours just in case.)
I was not disappointed. It's a huge selection of cigars in not a lot of space. There are leather chairs, a plasma tv and nice folks. Several people were in and out, seemed friendly enough to me. I shopped, buying several brands of cigars for the first time (hard for me to do after smoking them for eight years - but luckily there are new blends and brands out there!), and picked up a nice one for me (a Padron Anniversario) to enjoy there.
I had great hangouts in Wichita, Dallas and Las Vegas to smoke. Many close friendships developed that I am very thankful for (Turkeyday is tomorrow after all!) and I hope this will be such a place too, it certainly has potential.

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