Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Performances (both playing and hearing)

I'm a bit excited about this weekend.
Hilary Hahn is playing in Philadelphia - she is probably the most talented violinist who I've seen whenever possible - from the first time we met in Wichita (Barber concerto and an interview at KMUW) to Dallas and a charming Beethoven Concerto, 3 years in a row at Las Vegas (Korngold, 3 Bach concerti and Paganini No. 1) and three interviews (we didn't get her to Penn and Teller although Teller saw her play Paganini that afternoon) and twice in LA (playing Brahms concerto.)
A friend pointed out that when she is playing alone (such as her encores of Bach) that it is Hahn Solo.

Hahn Solo with wookie!
(photo adjusted brilliantly by guru Disco Stu Kennedy)

Also this weekend I'm playing a folk music gig at the Whitaker Center with Paul Zavinsky. He's a fun person and it's laid back. We're doing everything from Route 66 to a Matteis Chaccone. Guitar, violin and vocals (no I'm not singing, so its safe!) - cool combination. While I truly play "classical" music, and have studied it extensively from a young age, I love all types of music and am glad to "expand my chamber music experience" to folk also. Maybe we can learn some Edgar Meyer stuff, that'd be fun...GRASSICAL!

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