Thursday, November 17, 2005

Music Examples

These are the examples I plan on using this evening for my talk:

Shostakovich String 4tet #8

name that tune - violin concerto!
Shostakovich Violin concerto #1 scherzo
Stravinsky violin concerto - toccata
Prokofiev violin concerto #1 - scherzo - vivace
Nikolai Rakov Violin Concerto #1 - finale allegro molto vivace (1944)

three periods
Stravinsky Rite of spring
Stravinsky Pulcinella (sinfonia overture)
Stravinsky Variations - aldous huxley in memoriam

Shostakovich Sym #1 opus 10 - allegro
Shostakovich Sym #7 "Leningrad" opus 60 - allegretto
Shostakovich Sym #15 opus 141 - allegretto

film music
Shostakovich Romance from "The Gadfly"
Stravinsky Four norwegian moods - wedding dance
Prokofiev alexander nevsky - song of alexander nevsky

Shostakovich Sym #4 opus 43 - allegretto poco moderato - presto - tempo 1
Shostakovich Sym #9 opus 70 - finale allegretto
Nikolai Roslavetz - prelude for piano

If time, a look at the Shostakovich Symphony Number Ten that the Harrisburg Symphony is doing - you can see/hear it live!
Carl Nielsen Symphony No 5 - first movement - tempo guisto (snare drum)
Shostakovich Sym #10 Delos recording of James DePreist Helsinki Symphony

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