Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Interview with Paula

I was thrilled to cover Paula Poundstone's upcoming appearance in York, PA (find out more here at the Strand Capitol website) for WITF's ArtBeat. It will air Friday January 12th before her show on January 20th.

I had set my dvr to record her special a month or two ago when I saw it listed, and when I was emceeing the York Symphony saw the ad for her appearance - so it was logical to pitch it for a story. There's also a great tie in, since she is a frequent panelist on NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

So before I left on vacation, we had a chance to chat on the phone. I also picked up her new book that day and read the hilarious chapter on Beethoven. On my holiday vacation I finished the book, it's brilliant and funny.

Here's our conversation:

Part 1 On her live show [mp3 file]
Part 2 On her costume [mp3 file]
Part 3 On the idea of the new book [mp3 file]
Part 4 On Math and WWDTM [mp3 file]
Part 5 On Writing [mp3 file]

Tune in to WITF to hear ArtBeat Friday January 12th; and see her show in York on the 20th of January - the Bravo special is also repeated, check your local listings.
You can also see her tour schedule here. (She'll be back in PA in February!)

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