Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Five Things about Ernesto Tamayo

I spent the day in Washington, DC on Sunday, to hear Cuban guitarist Ernesto Tamayo play at the Kennedy Center.
1. The program was packed with music! Ernesto played with very few pauses a dazzling program of Bach, Mangore, Sor, Brouwer and Rodrigo.

2. I've heard Ernesto perform for quite awhile, from chamber music performances in Wichita, KS to his Carnegie Hall debut. I haven't heard him sound finer than Sunday night. Simply put, Ernesto is at the top of his game.

3. Especially astounding was the Mangore set Ernesto included. Not only was it musically moving, but technically spectacular. As a string player, the harmonics Tamayo nailed were pleasing and unbelievable - lottery ticket buying performance - yeah, a performance that was awe-inspiring and jaw dropping.

4. The crowd was huge. And of all ages. There were two young kids in front of me that bobbed to the music, and unfortunately two kids to the side of me that did NOT behave as well - who eventually were quelled(?) or corrected by their guardian. This was my first but not last Millenium Stage concert. Definitely check out the link at the bottom to see their webcasts.

5. Ernesto's program was engaging and pleasing. It's too bad the actual music program wasn't printed, or that he would have known to announce the pieces from the stage. It was great to hear this young guitarist and look to many more concerts and recitals to come. If he's in your area, take some time out to hear a fine classical musician, one of the brightest of our time.

You can see and hear the concert later on the Kennedy Center website here.

There are also two interviews I've done with Ernesto, that you can read here and here.

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