Monday, January 01, 2007

Holidaze 2006

Looking back at my trip home -as Terry would say, Smalltown, USA, mine's now in Nebraska as my folks have moved from Kansas- was just swell. It was nice to take some time off from both the violin and from radio for a week.
I did alot of cooking and helped around the house as best I could.
The travel itself was quite easy. I watched season five of Alias - almost the entire series but one on the trip there! I had bought a portable dvd player for my trip (I had broken it in on a previous NYC train trip) and specifically gotten the fifth season of Alias (I stopped watching it when I was bummed by plot lines - but ended up watching the few final episodes on TV last year) for this trip home.
On the way back I indulged in some of Buck Rogers in the 24th Century (ah, Erin Gray) and read Paula Poundstone's new book.

My first stop was in Pittsburgh. I walked up to an Irish pub and enjoyed a bowl of soup and some fish and chips. There were some good decorations for the holidays, including a large manger scene in front of US Steel corp and even the trees in front of the train station had nice lights.

My trip to Chicago was easy overnight, and quite restful. The lounge car was cool too, and I grabbed a diet coke to wake up.

In Chicago I walked around quite a bit, enjoying sites and buildings as well as some last minute Christmas shopping. Of course, I had a yummy breakfast and took time out for a cigar.

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