Monday, July 17, 2006

Outta this world

Charming time in Manhattan...about a year ago I met with my friend Thomas and his wife - it was my first time back to Manhattan in several years (just go back to the archives on the right hand side of this page and look at July and August 2005), and we had gone to the meat packing district: had dinner, drinks and skulked about the village. Sehr spass!
Yesterday I spent the most wonderful time, with drink and appetizers at the Spice Market, a massage, and then the Bodies exhibit. We ended up joking it was all a very tactile day - and all about bodies! ;)
It was with someone special, and the day flew by. The only problem was time - and although it timed out well, I needed to leave at seven for my train. I was very tempted to stay over and get dinner, but there will be many more trips.
Wild what a difference a year makes, I've been blogging almost the the entire time since last July (and amazed I'm over 300 entires) and I can tell you, this was one of the great days in NYC (and oddly enough one of the hottest!) - I can't tell you how excited I am to return. No doubt my exquisite company was a large part of it.
BTW, no snafus this time on the return trip - it was the same pair of conductors for the Keystone and they told me they got back that night about 5:00am - about thirty minutes after the bus dropped us off at the train station, sheesh!

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